Tampa Deserves Better

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  • Jake

    How many apartments does the current zoning allow?

    • oxfordexchange

      The current zoning does not allow for any apartments. Our goal is to maintain and grow a walkable commercial destination on Grand Central Avenue, that compliments the character of the existing structures and businesses.

  • Chris Counce

    Thanks for fighting to keep my beloved Tampa unique and not
    just another concrete jungle

  • Julie Magill

    Hi. I’m in a little mini situation but very similar. Check out the corner of Howard and Spruce in the National Historic District. My little mom and pop air conditioning business has been destroyed by this huge “apartment building”. I have no visibility left for street advertising. The City of Tampa did not approve it but it is getting built anyway. So unfair. Zero lot lines with no petitions or variances presented to us at all. It is so ugly and huge. There will be no parking left for anybody.
    Everybody around here is talking about “how did this happen?” How can I fight it? Let me know. Any help at all is appreciated.